abf & groups/roles

abf & groups/roles

Post by John P Crisci, Computer Programmer Analyst, Denver, C » Tue, 23 Apr 1996 04:00:00

We use Groups in defining security to our database. When developing an
application in ABF, an attempt to is the -G flag doesn't seem to work. We have
to explicitly give the developer permissions on the tables he needs in his
application.  So we can't do
 abf database name -Gflag name
and expect to have the group permissions.

Anyone else have any problems like this or have heard of this before ?


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1. Passing role/group to called ABF QBF/RBF frames

This originally began as a question on the SUID bit under OI 1.1.  I've
resigned myself to the fact that OI doesn't honor thw SUID bit in the way
6.x did.  I've tried using roles but cannot get past the role password
(posted separately) so now I'm trying groups. Now I find I cannot pass
the ABF/4GL application group (from the command line) to called QBF/RBF
frames or at least I cannot find it.  

I guess I could use the CALL SYSTEM statement and generate a command line
call to qbf but that seems a bit kludgy.  (I should point out that I do
not have the Vision/ABF/4GL docs for OI, just 6.4.).

Am I missing something?  Is my caffeine level too low?

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