Clipper/FoxPro links to Oracle

Clipper/FoxPro links to Oracle

Post by James Hog » Sun, 23 May 1993 09:17:50

I posted approximately the following to the
other day....

We're about to buy some development tools for our Oracle server.
One is the Biton library, available for both Clipper and FoxPro.
Before we make the leap, has anyone had experience with this
product, produced in the U.K., under either Clipper or FP?

..... then I thought I'd ask....

Various parties keep telling me that "FoxPro now has Oracle hooks
built in".   That doesn't seem to be the case in 2.5, and, in
reading the trade rags, I see things like "Oracle and MS have
reached agreement...(blah, blah, blah)" or "expect to have
this-and-that SQL interface 'real soon now'".   Anyone care
to offer incisive comment on the Oracle-FoxPro situation?

Oracle's commitment to ODBC, FWIW, seemed to blow hot and cold.

Finally, anyone ever link the Pioneer/Q+E Lib into Clipper or Fox?
Are the various Q+E libs royalty-free distribution?

Thanks in advance,



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