Time entry/validation

Time entry/validation

Post by Susan Margar » Wed, 22 Sep 1993 12:17:58

I'm writing a scheduling system for my office and need time
entry/validation and manipulation routines. Rather than reinventing
the wheel, I thought I would ask if someone could share theirs?


1. Blank entry validation.

hi all,

i got this situation:

a form with two text edit fields and two buttons; one for saving and the
other is for exit.

the first text fields requires an entry. so i set the uponexit event to
check this and give the neccesary warning messages.

however when i am at the first field, if i click on exit, it still gives me
the warning message.

apart from giving a false entry, is there anything else i can do at the
uponexit event (for that matter anywhere else) to prevent this message from
showing? (when the first text field is blank)

thanks in advance


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