MS Visual Studio Installer 1.1 Problem creating shortcut to exe

MS Visual Studio Installer 1.1 Problem creating shortcut to exe

Post by John Anderso » Tue, 30 Jan 2001 08:43:11

I added a shortcut to the exe under the User's Start Menu folder.  I
added the vfp6run.msm SP 4 to the project.  After I installed the app
on the target machine, everything worked great except the shortcut to
the exe.  For some reason it's not starting in the app folder and
because of this the exe launch crashes...  

For the life of me I cannot figure out how to fix the start/target
folder in Visual Installer.

Any suggestions would be very helpful at this point.



1. VB6SP4, MDAC 2.5 with Visual Studio Installer 1.1

For all who can help, and who wants to know about it...

Please, I've been working with MDAC 2.5, VB6SP4 and Visual Studio Installer
1.1, but I'm having some problems with the packages when they're installed.

After the installation, the software doesn't run softly, falling when any
object from the data access is instantiated.

The problem is only solved installing the MDAT_TYP on the target machine.

Does anyone have some idea about this problem?

Thanks in advance!...
Gustavo H. S. Ribeiro

Daruma Telecom Inf S/A


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