dbase 5 ono windows 95

dbase 5 ono windows 95

Post by the bednar' » Sun, 13 Apr 1997 04:00:00

Trying to load Borland's dbase 5 onto window 95 and getting an invaled
driver name. WPSUNI.    HELP!


1. Windows 95 B, Setup Wizard Issues Setup.EXE on Windows 95 A

Using VB 4.0, Windows 95 B.

I create a setup routine using the standard Setup Wizard shipped with 4.0.
I made some manual entries to the SWDEPEND.INI for some DLL relationships.

The SETUP.EXE is then executed on a Windows 95 A machine.  I receive an
error "Unexpected Error" and it quits.  This happens during the
"Initializing Files" routine - before it even gets to the part were the
user kicks off the setup and/or changes directories for the install.

It works great on Windows 95 B machines.  I recently made the switch to a
Windows 95 B machine - never had a single issue creating SETUP programs on
my Windows 95 A machines.

Anyone seen this before.  Please feel free to email me at:

Gary Glickman
InterWave Computer Software, Inc.

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