VFP & Oracle ODBC drivers

VFP & Oracle ODBC drivers

Post by Gerry Carte » Sat, 24 Aug 1996 04:00:00

I'm having some difficulty getting ODBC set up in a manner that lets me use
it in VFP v3.0b.

I'm running Win95 on a P100 with 40mb of ram.  I D/L and installed the
Oracle ODBC drivers from their web site, and set up a data source.  This
source works fine from Excel using MS query to access the dB, but not under

When I create a new remote view, whether I use a connection or go straight
to the data source, I am presented with a list of the tables on the dB to
choose from, so I choose one.  OK so far.  But I can't do anything from
that point on.  I can't run a SQL, or add another table, even if I first
delete the table I initially added.  I can't save the view either.  In each
case I get the error message "Connectivity error: [Oracle][ODBC Oracle
Driver]Operation Canceled".

BTW, I have the following (32 bit) Oracle components installed:

Oracle Call Interface
Oracle7 ODBC Driver
Required Support Files
SQL*Net Add-On
SQL*Net Client
Oracle TCP/IP Adapter

In addition, I also have the 16 bit Windows version of SQL*Net installed
with TCP/IP and support files for 7.0 and 7.2 installed so I can use a
legacy 16 bit application (Business Objects v3).  I have had no trouble
with the 16 bit and 32 bit versions co-existing.

So, next logical step, I D/L the latest ODBC drivers from Microsoft and
install them.  Install goes OK, go to add a data source, I get the message:

"The Oracle(tm) client and networking components were not found.  These
components are supplied by Oracle corporation and are installed when you
install the Oracle client software.  Press OK to exit, or CANCEL to see
which components are missing."

And, of course, pressing cancel tells me nothing.  So I read the
documentation, then search the MS Knowledge Base, only to discover that the
MS supplied Visigenic drivers are not 100% compatible with Win95 since
Oracle are not yet fully supporting that platform.  I wonder if anyone has
told Oracle that?  ;-)  In any case, they provide detailed steps for a
workaround way of getting the Visigenic drivers to work that I am reluctant
to try - it looks like too much of a kludge.  I am also concerned I this
may*up the truce between the 16 and 32 bit versions of SQL*Net

Does anyone out there have any ideas that could help me get this to work?

E-Mail as well as posting would be appreciated, and I will post a final
working solution if I can find one.

Thanks in advance.

Gerry Carter
Senior Financial Analyst
Newbridge Networks Corporation