300+ Free Online IT Books

300+ Free Online IT Books

Post by Joshua Mile » Wed, 03 May 2000 04:00:00

You can read more than 300 books for free... Windows NT & 2000,
BackOffice,Networking & Security, Scripting etc.

Free Online Tests for MCSE

I'm happy that I found this useful resourse..

Joshua Miles


1. SQL discussion list and FAQ, SMS discussion list, online articles, online books (free)

Hi Everyone!

- SQL Server discussion list:
- OLE DB discussion list
- Microsoft SMS Discussion list

- Microsoft SQL Server HOME
    Featuring complete online books for review.
    (including Que's "Special Edition Using SQL Server 6.5
    Second Edition" by agreement with Que)

- Library -- the library is OPEN!
    Currently online:
        - SE Using SQL Server 6.5 2nd Edition
        - SE Using SMS 1.2
        - Running a Perfect Web Site 2nd Edition
        - The BackOffice Intranet Kit

- SQL Server FAQ:

- SQL Server WorldWide User's Group:
        Includes consultants listing (add your name free!)
        and user's group signup/charter/bylaws.

- SQL Server links, articles, online chapters, etc.:

The site also includes many different "lessons learned" articles,
talking about real-life experiences working with SQL server in their
entirety.  *If you have a link to add or suggest, please email me and let me
know.  Suggestions, comments always welcome.


http://www.swynk.com, Maintainer, SQL Server FAQ

2. Oracle DBA-Northern VA

3. SQL Server FAQ, online articles, online books (free)

4. Query by example

5. SQL discussion list and FAQ, SMS discussion list, online articles, online books (free)

6. Retrieving a single SQL record.

7. SQL Books online, faq, list server, online discussions, FREE

8. Cluster Service

9. Microsoft Press More Than 300 Titles + FREE UPS Ground shipping

10. +++GET YOUR FREE PENTIUM CELERON-300+++____________________________________________________________________________________________w5eoiu5ourerktjw erhtkjw885 woiwr oiwre