checking the leaving/activating of a browse-window in FPW 2.6

checking the leaving/activating of a browse-window in FPW 2.6

Post by InaMuell » Wed, 25 Feb 1998 04:00:00

I have the following problem:

There are two Browse-Windows (window1 und window2) and a third with controls
Depending on active browse-window (selected by user) the program should
activate or deactivate the controls in window3 and make any other things.

The three windows are controlled by "READ CYCLE MODAL WITH

I can only check the leaving/activating of window3 by a "DEACTIVATE/ACTIVATE
f_deact/f_act" in READ, but it's not possible for window1 and window2, why not.

Any solutions are welcome



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Any help much appreciated


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