How to Save data in Foxpro 2.6 using Visual Foxpro Driver (ADO)

How to Save data in Foxpro 2.6 using Visual Foxpro Driver (ADO)

Post by Dines » Sat, 29 Dec 2001 01:27:38

I have some data in Oracle tables which has to be saved into a Dbf file. I am using the
Visual Foxpro Driver and creating the file using the Create Table Sql statement but the
resultant dbf file is not compilant with foxpro 2.6. i would like to know how to save it
foxpro 2.6 compatible mode.

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1. insert nulls into foxpro tables using visual foxpro driver

The documents of visual foxpro driver say it can support
Foxpro tables, so I export some tables(.dbf files) and
using visual foxpro driver to connect them using free
table format. Then...all the columns in the tables are
turned to NOT NULL, I try to insert null values into these
tables by modify the connection string and set "NULL=NO",
the msdn documents say this will insert blanks for null
values. So it does, it turns null numbers to zero, and
null date value to 12-30-99, this is not acceptable. Can
anybody tell me how to correct this and set the columns to

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