US-TX Pick SB+

US-TX Pick SB+

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York Solutions is a full-service consultancy with an international
concentration in Pick/SB+/Universe/Masterpack.  Our specialized niche
enables us to consistently present the best contract and permanent
opportunities to the qualified professional.  We are currently accepting
resumes for an experienced Pick SB+ programmer for the Austin area.  The
candidate for this permanent position will have  SB+ experience, and
Masterpack is a major plus.  Top contract rate!  Please submit resumes to:

York Solutions
(503) 284-9888 phone


1. US-PA - Pick/SB+ position

Maverick Computing is a computer consultancy specializing in placement of
Oracle and Pick/SB+/Masterpack professionals.  We are currently accepting
resumes for a position in Philadelphia PA.  This is a great opportunity for
the qualified individual on either a permanent or contract basis.  The most
successful candidates will have Pick and SB+ experience, but the SB+
requirement may be substituted for strong Unix experience.  The position
involves a number of special projects, as well as development and
maintenance of existing programs.  Please contact:

John Beaver

(503) 248-0821 fax

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