Bargraph in same cell as grid data

Bargraph in same cell as grid data

Post by Gordon Ang » Tue, 10 Jun 1997 04:00:00

I am developing a utility that displays a little bar chart in the
same cell of a grid as the data and have come up against several
(The exe can be downloaded from:
if you want to have a look. It is written in VFP5)

1.  The browse screen does not scroll horizontally at all well.  You have
to click on top of the button after scrolling to refresh the page - I
don't know why.

2.  I can't figure out how to sub class a column and add it to the
grid at runtime by using grid.addcolumn(x) or any other way of
adding code to a column's method when the column is added at run
I have therefore had to pre-define the columns, and those I don't
use I set to zero width and disable.  Unfortunately, the column
borders still exist and build up on the right hand side of the
grid to form a thick black line.  Can't figure how to get rid of
this either. :)

3.   The up and down arrow keys don't work - they send the cursor
sideways.   This may be to do with the fact that the grid cells have
containers inserted in them - but...

Grateful for any ideas. Thanks.



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Any ideas/help would be appreciated!

-John W.

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