Building .exe problem in fpw 2.6 !

Building .exe problem in fpw 2.6 !

Post by J. H » Sat, 22 Oct 1994 08:47:53

Hi everyone:

        I've got a simple question here: I've built an .EXE
file from FPW 2.6  (professional version). However, running it
will give me this message "FOXPROW caused a General Protection

In my project there is: Main.prg, SCREEN SET a, SCREEN SET b.
SCREEN SET "a" and "b" is used in Main.prg. The last command
in the main program is DO b.spr, but SCREEN SET b will further call
SCREEN SET c and then SCREEN SET d which Main.prg didn't
reference at all (only SCREEN SET b make the call to SCREEN
SET c). So I manually add SCREEN SET c and d ,but in the
project SCREEN SET c and d are referenced as "program".

Is this the reason why there is an error? Coz I know SCREEN
SET c and d are supposed to be referenced as "screen set" in
the project. Since I'v got an .EXE running that composes of
SCREEN SETs only and it works fine.  Any responses will be
greatly appreciated... Hope to hear from you soon!!



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Any assistance or constructive advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks !!


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