Question:Copy from an ASCII file

Question:Copy from an ASCII file

Post by Francesca Colombin » Fri, 02 Aug 1996 04:00:00

In an earlier version of Ingres (was it some version of 5 or 6??) We
copied data in from an ASCII file using the following code:
     COPY TABLE uo_sample(log_no='c0|',
                                                                                                        FROM 'sample.xfer';
The table is defined as:
Column Name                      Type       Length Nulls Defaults Seq
log_no                           c              12   no     yes
loc_id                           c              12   no     yes
sampled                          date               yes    null
norm_year                        integer         2   no     yes
norm_qtr                         integer         1   no     yes
norm_month                       integer         1   no     yes
type                             c               4   no     yes
depth                            float           4   no     yes
project                          c               4   no     yes
footnote                         c               5   no     yes
note                             c             150   no     yes
lab                              c              10   no     yes
requester                        c              20   no     yes
lab_loc_id                       c              30   no     yes
dup_spike                        c              10   no     yes
entered                          date               yes    null
updater                          c               3   no     yes
doc_cntrl_no                     c               6   no     yes
matrix                           c               2   no     yes
time_zone                        c               3   no     yes
validation                       c               1   no     yes
labcode                          c               2   no     yes
last_updated                     date                no     yes
regulator                        c               1   no     yes
wgmgok                           c               1   no     yes

If one of the columns in one of the records of the ASCII file was too
big we would receive the following message:

COPY: Warning: 1 character domains were truncated when copied from the    
file to character type columns in the table. (E_CO0015)

Since it was a warning, the copy would complete with one field in one
column getting truncated data.

Now, in OpenIngres1.1, we recieve this message, and the copy FAILS. We
want the behavior of the first case where we get a warning and the copy
completes with a truncation.

Does anyone know a way around this?

Francesca Colombini
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory


Question:Copy from an ASCII file

Post by Kevin Carte » Fri, 02 Aug 1996 04:00:00

Are you thinking of with clause, for example:

        with on_error = continue

I think the default behavior is on_error = terminate


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