Call System

Call System

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Hi Manjeet,

Trying to do this sort of thing with table entries would probably not work for
high concurrency because of the amount of table locking that would be done,
unfortunately. We initially ran ReportWriter (6.4/04) on the PC clients, but it
was a bit unreliable ;) so we had to shift reports on to the server. I don't
have an OpenRoad session or the full source to hand, but AFAIR the server code
looked like this ...

     register dbevent stop_prog;
     register dbevent call_app;
     forever = 1;
     while forever = 1 do
          get dbevent with wait;
          if event_name = 'stop_prog' then
               forever = 0;
          elseif event_name = 'call_app' then
               call system :event_text;

(assuming, obviously, that the text attached to the event was a valid system
command !)

and you would just raise the relevant event from your OpenRoad application.
Obviously, you can only get so many parameters into the event text, so you would
probably build temporary tables of parameters in your OpenRoad application, then
pass the temporary table's name on to a report or application on the server.

Apologies for any typos I've included in this !

Hope this helps,

Tony Douglas
Enterprise System Manager
Scottish Qualifications Authority

To:   Tony Douglas/sqa
Subject:  Call System

Hi Tony,

I have read your E-Mail on above subject. I was thinking to have a process
running in loop on server which looks for an entry into a table. If an entry is
made by a client then it deals with it by running a script  to produce a report
and then changes its status on the entry table. I do not know whether it will be
better than your solution.

You have an event handler on the server and the client is sending a database
event. Could you please send me a sample code or full code of the event handler
if it is not a problem and a w4gl code which sends a database event to the event

Your solution sound interesting and better than mine.

All help gratefully received.

Rdgs - Manjeet


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