Re-sorting Grid Column Data

Re-sorting Grid Column Data

Post by Craig Kuh » Mon, 17 Mar 1997 04:00:00

 I need help/suggestions on how to correctly re-sort existing data when
the user clicks on the header for a certain column in a grid.  The grid
data is from a cursor from an SQL select and in the CLICK property for
the header, I clear the ROWSOURCE for the grid and then issue a new SQL
select with the proper order statement.  I then reset the ROWSOURCE for
the grid and refresh the grid.

The problem I have is that this works 95% of the time, but the other 5%
of the time it will cause a WIN95 GPF error.  There seems to be no real
fixed time when the error will occur.  Will work one time, then not the

Any suggestions on how to do this correctly would be of great help.


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is there a way to resort my dynaset after adding a new record or changing
a sort field without doing a new 'set rs=createrecordset'.

my code looks similar to the following

set db = opendatabase ( ....
set rs = createrecordset ( "select * from members order by last_name",
dbopendynaset )

when I add records to the dataset, they go at end. I tried rs.refresh, but
that didn't work

Thanks for any help

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