Dynamic Temp Tables

Dynamic Temp Tables

Post by Adam Full » Thu, 17 Jan 2002 20:19:39

Is it possible to define and use a dynamic temp table in Progress.

Dynamic Temp Tables

Post by Robert Robertso » Sat, 19 Jan 2002 07:14:47

Yes V9 Smart objects are based on this

Quote:> Is it possible to define and use a dynamic temp table in Progress.


Dynamic Temp Tables

Post by John » Wed, 23 Jan 2002 10:28:47

Yes, depending on which version of Progress you are on.  Works great on
V9.1B and greater, I think there is limited functionality below that but am
not sure.  For an example Look at the Progress knowledge base #19099 (How
to use a Dynamic temp table with a dynamic query).


> Is it possible to define and use a dynamic temp table in Progress.

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1. Dynamic SQL accessing dynamic temp tables

I posted a problem last week about running a dynamically built SQL statement
against a table variable and received a helpfull response from Tobias Thernstrom.
He suggested using a temporary table instead of a table variable as follows :

        The problem is that the EXEC-statement runs in a
        different batch from the proc. itself, this means that any vars. declared
        the proc.
        will be out of scope in the batch. So the only change you would need to do
        to create a temp. table instead of a table var.

        Ex (this is your second last script, slitely modified).

        CREATE proc spcompanytest
        CREATE TABLE #tmptable (test_co_no int, flag char)

        company_number = 45 or company_number = 46'

        select company_number, 'Y' from test_company

        Hope this helps !

The problem I now have is that my stored procedure may be being run many times at
once by different web-users querying the database, I presume that there may well
be contention with the temporary table as it will have the same name for all
procedures. I thought that I might be able to get around the problem by creating
the tablename from the user-id that the user logs into the intranet as, but I get
the same problem as I initally started out with (allbeit from a different angle).
I can't dynamically create a temporary table from a parameter input into the
stored procedure _and_ use it with my dynamicaly built SQL.

Any further help would be a real bonus.



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