How to get Field Size of Column in

How to get Field Size of Column in

Post by Hitesh Pancha » Wed, 04 Jun 2003 19:57:38

I am using Technologies. I want to know that how
can i get field size using

1. ADO.NET Component and VB6 client - ADO.Net or ADO 2.7


I'm writing a component which references ADO.NET and uses
Interop so that it can be called from a VB6 client.

Question is, do I have to use ADO 2.7 in the .NET
component so that the client can process any returned
recordsets or can I used the ADO.NET functionality in the
component and cast a generated DataSet/Reader to an ADO
RecordSet object ?

I really don't wanna use ADO 2.7 in the .NET component so
if I can't cast it, what else could i use to pass a
DataSet from component to client ? XML could be an option
but I'm concerned about the memory and time overheads with
regards to parsing and processing.


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