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Analysts Express Inc. has the following openings for PROGRESS Programmers

For information call toll free 888-889-9095 or fax toll free to 888-889-9099

Analysts Express inc is a full service PROGRESS only consulting firm with
clients nationwide., we offer full medical benefits, 401k plan and
exceptional salaries.  If you have twoor more years of PROGRESS experience
please apply.

Staff Consultants (4) openings, salaries from $80,000 to $100,000 plus
travel expenses.  Maintain your current home and travel while enjoying one
of the highest incomes in the industry. Life is more fun when you make from
$8000 to 10,000 per month.

Buffallo New york, V8 Character, 6=9 month contract $50 hr.

Memphis Tennessee Need contract or permanent AIX shop, one programmer one
system administrator, immediate needs, HOT opening.

Everett Washington, Seattle suburb, V8 character development supporting
modifications to MFG/PRO, several openings.

Permanent positions in Tampa Florida,  West Palm Florida,  Southington

Dallas Texas, chance to learn GUi and MFG/PRO one or more years progress 75K
base salary, consulting assignment.



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Analysts Express Inc., has a contract openings for a character based
PROGRESS programmer/analysts in Richmond *ia.  For information call
toll free 888-889-9095, or fax resume to 888-889-9099 or EMAIL USING  RTF


1. need some help on progress job finding

        I was working in a company using progress for 7 month, but my
experience is still not enough to get me a job. So my question is what
can I do to enhance my knowledge and experience. I can get into any job
because "they" always required someone with at least 2 years of
commecial experience. I have been out of job for 3 months now and yet I
could not find any books (usefull) about progress.
       Can you advice/point me to a right direction?

       I was reading the newsgroup and I was thinking about the days in
months problem. Coz I'm having the same problem.
      I wonder if we can get the day's of the month then minus that date
it will get the last day of the provious month. therefore, it will
solved the problem of the leap years problem, right ?

thanks. william

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