Clipper printing deleted material from memo field

Clipper printing deleted material from memo field

Post by Carol J. Hugh » Wed, 18 Nov 1992 01:37:10

I wrote a Clipper '87 application that has a help.dbf with two fields:
var C10
helptext M10
The database contains help info in the memo field "helptext"
for various GET fields and menus within the program.
One of the records is used for logging purposes.  The program writes
various info to the field whenever certain actions are taken by
the users.  The supervisor views this info every week and can delete
old info.  She asked for the option of printing the info, so I added
an option to do so.  

Problem:  When I print the info using the function MEMOLINE,
          Clipper includes the text that has been deleted
          but it leaves out the first letter of each line
          that has been deleted.  I don't want any of the
          deleted info.

I ran a program in 5.01 that Rick Spence suggests in his
second book to get rid of unused DBT blocks but that
didn't help.

If I search help.dbt with NORTON'S, it shows all the deleted
text, including the first letter of each line.  (The report
does not show the first letter of each line of deleted text.)

There is another database in the same system with a memo field.
I deleted the first four lines of the memo text from one of the
records and added new text, then printed a report which shows
the memo text.  The report was fine.  The deleted text did not
show and the new text did.

Does anyone know why the deleted text from the help.dbf is
showing up on the report and how to get rid of it?

Joan Hughes
University of *ia


1. VB dBase Clipper Access memo field problem

I have a VB 4 system which reads data from dBaseIV files.  
Actually the VB program uses Codebase (which writes
Clipper files I think, I'm not sure of the difference).  
Anyway a text box in the program displays the contents of
a dbase memo field on screen and it uses a Codebase call
to retrieve the record.  

The other day I added 2 new fields to the dbaseIV file
using the dBaseIV control center.  dBase went through a
process of copying the records (it displayed a counter).  
When the users started accessing the converted file using
the VB program again the memo field had garbage in it for
any records which existed at the time of conversion.  
However, all new records correctly displayed the memo

Now, before the time of conversion, trying to look at the
memo field on this file using Access 97 only yielded a
#Error# in the memo field.  AFTER conversion all records
which existed at the time of conversion correctly
displayed the contents of the memo field in Access 97
however any records created after conversion still display
#Error#.  I suspect, after rumaging around the web and
books and such that the internal blocking size was changed
for all records prior to conversion which is why the VB
program using Codebase doesn't work.  Can anyone offer any
advice as to how to get all the records which existed on
the file at the time of conversion back to the original
format so users can see the memo field in the VB4
program?  There are 33,800 records that need this fix...

Thanks...   Rich

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