Seeking info on Databases /DB Development tools for UNIX

Seeking info on Databases /DB Development tools for UNIX

Post by Mark Rauschko » Wed, 01 Feb 1995 23:16:33

I am researching what databases run on UNIX boxes (preferably Suns)
What the minimum hardware requirements are (can it run on a sparc10
with 64 Meg of memory?)  Pros/cons of each, and what tools are
available for generating applications.




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I belong to a group that is in the situation that we need to come to
some fast conclusion as to what database to choose for a variety of
applications.  I'd be interested in any comments on how to go about
this or sources of information (bibliographic references) from the
masses out there that have already undergone the selection process.
Also if any of you have any feedback in the quality of support from
the various database vendors, I'd be interested in hearing about it.

I am also looking at GUI application development tools (Uniface in
particular for the moment) and would be interested in any comments
from users of the various systems out there.

If I get sufficient response, I will summarize.

Thanks much,

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