IBM RS/6000 as a database server

IBM RS/6000 as a database server

Post by Shev Fitzmauri » Sat, 08 Jun 1991 02:21:43

We would like to hear from anyone who has experience of using RS/6000
as a database server for about 50 users. The database could be Oracle,
Informix, or any SQL-based databases. Please mail us directly.

Thank You very much

David Lee


1. Debugging Open Server programs on IBM RS/6000


I'm working on converting an Open Server/Open Client application from
SunOS to AIX on the IBM RS/6K platform.  One gigantic frustration I
have is not being able to use the IBM xde debugger on my Server program.
I assume this is because of the multi-threading.  I get the message:

frame information in error at 0x1005a350

in a dialog box when I attempt to use xde to debug my Server.  The message
occurs just after the program is loaded and the source code lines are
displayed, but before any debugging can occur.  xde refuses to execute
any debugging commands after this.

Has anyone out there found a way around this problem?  Is there some
other way to symbolically debug multi-threaded Open Server servers?
Am I reduced to inserting printf statements?

Please reply via email as our system admin folks seem to believe that
news being several days behind and dropping messages at random is
a situation not worth their attention.  I will summarize if I get any
good answers.

Thanks for your help,
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