VFP Data Grouping - am I going mad ??

VFP Data Grouping - am I going mad ??

Post by David Aylo » Sun, 18 May 1997 04:00:00


I've just upgraded from FPW2.6 to VFP3.0b - had all sorts of problems
converting but that's a different story!

My biggest outstanding problem now is that data grouping in reports
seems to be different in VFP.

When I created a group in FPW, the data stayed together - if there
wasn't enough room at the bottom of the report, it printed the entire
record at the top of the next page.

VFP doesn't do this - it is happy to split the grouping across pages -
the only way I've managed to get around this is to say 'Start group on
new page when less than xx'. This is a real pain as the size of the
record varies and I end up with lots of blank space because I have to
take into account the largest record.

Am I doing something wrong here - or just going mad!

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1. TTables or Am I going MAD??


I may be going mad(?), but it appears to me that TTables do not lock
records correctly when connecting to Interbase.  I am not talking
about Pessimistic V Optimistic locking, but let me explain the
scenario and try it for yourself.

1) Create a new application and place two TTables on it, both looking
at the same table in your database and set cached updates to true.

2) Add a Datasource, Navigator and Grid and connect them to the first

3) Add a button and attach code to the OnClick event

4)Repeat steps 2 and 3 but this time for table2.

5)Run the application and edit a record in table1, save the change and
then edit the same record in table2.

6)Click on button1 to applyupdates to table1.  Fine so far....

7)Save the changes made to table2 and click on the applyupdates button
for this table.  NO warning that the record has been altered by
another user!  Surly this can't be right?  

If I set cached updates to false or use TQueries everything works
fine, but I simply can't see how this can be right since at the very
least an error should have been displayed when table2 had it's update

Anyway, I am tired (and maybe a little confused) so please can
somebody can tell me one way or the other "Am I really going mad or is
this a bug with Delphi?"

Client - Delphi II C/S with BDE 3.5
Server - Interbase version 4.x running on Windows NT.

Best Regards
Jonathan Jones

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