benchmark code

benchmark code

Post by Ivan Tabk » Fri, 17 Dec 1993 04:40:45

Does anyone have {TPC,Wisconsin, AS3AP} benckmark source code for Sybase?
or a ftp site that I could  get it from?

many thanks

Ivan Tabkha


1. Benchmark code

I'm ashamed of myself, I'm sure it is written somewhere and I missed it completely ...

How do I time a statement? I mean If I want to try out the performance of two different
ways to do something how should I measure them?

If I use the wallclock time I do not get anything realy useable since it depends not only
on those statements, but also the server load at the time. I might run both versions several
times intermixed and average them but it doesn't seem right anyway.

And if you want to compare the difference made by an index or whatever it's next to unusable.

So is there any way to get the time the server spent on some statement ?

Thanks, Jenda

P.S.: A CC: will be appreciated.

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