Final CFP: XML Database Symposium at VLDB 2003

Final CFP: XML Database Symposium at VLDB 2003

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Call for papers

XML Database Symposium (XSym 2003)
  September 8, 2003
  In Conjunction with VLDB 2003, Berlin, Germany

The new XML database symposium builds upon the success of several
previous workshops related to XML, Web and Databases that were
held at VLDB 2002, EDBT 2002, NODe 2002 and CAiSE 2002.

Deadline for submissions: May 19, 2003

The proceedings will be published by Springer-Verlag in the
LNCS (Lecture Notes in Computer Science) series and will
be available at the symposium.

The online submission system is now open. If you are interested
in submitting a paper, please create a new user account at:


1. CFP: XML Database Symposium (XSym03) @ VLDB 2003

Call for Participation:

Monday, 8 September 2003 (prior to VLDB 2003),
Humboldt-University Berlin (main building).

Invited Talk will be given by Professor Michael Franklin,
University of California at Berkeley.

The goal of the new XML database symposium is to provide a
high-quality platform for presentation and discussion of
new research results and system developments in the field.

In addition to the keynote by Mike Franklin, 18 contributions
selected from 65 submissions will be presented within the
following sessions:

  - XML-Relational DBMS
  - XML Query Processing
  - Systems and Tools
  - XML Access Structures
  - Stream Processing and Updates
  - Design Issues

Please use the VLDB registration system under
to register for XSym03.

The fee for the symposium is 150 Euros and includes the LNCS
proceedings (LNCS no. 2824), attendance to all sessions, coffee
breaks and the symposium dinner.

The symposium takes place at the VLDB 2003 venue, in the main
building of Humboldt University, Central Berlin.

Further information on XSym03 can be found at:

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