VFP Recalling Records

VFP Recalling Records

Post by Bill Morri » Thu, 12 Sep 1996 04:00:00

I just want to make sure I got this straigt.

If I delete a parent record with child records, all
the child records are deleted also, (cascade in the delete
trigger).  That's great.

Now, if I recall the parent record in order to reuse it for
a new parent, none of the child records is recalled and the
update trigger ignores those deleted child records, so the
next time I need to add a new child record for any existing
parent record, I can just recall it and change the foreign
key to what I need.

Do I have it right?  Am I missing anything?




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Hi There... I want to do the following

In each record there is a primary key called "ticket" This is also the first
value entered on my form.... When a user enters this value into a new
record, it must use a afterupdate or something command and look whether that
record already exists... if it does, then it should call up the record and
display it for editing inside the form....if not, it just carries on the new
record to be created until al fields have been entered.....

How can I do this? Please help

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