Maximum width query result 2008

Maximum width query result 2008

Post by Bob v/d Laa » Thu, 05 Oct 1995 04:00:00

Quote:>> Fellow Ingres users,

>> Our developpers tell me the maximum width of a query in Ingres is 2008
>caharacters. They tell me this is a BIG problem and therefor we should use
>Oracle instead.
>> Any comments??

DS: Re: Maximum width query result  2008??

>You mean, comments other than "Your developers are obviously a bunch
>of lazy a**holes?"
>yeah, every now and then the 2k row limit is a nuisance, but it's not
>hard to work around from a design standpoint.  Oracle has its share
>of little gotchas too.  How about "the empty string '' is treated as
>if it were NULL.  This is a BIG problem, and therefore everyone should
>use Ingres instead."
>OpenIngres supports LONG datatypes which can hold values up to
>2 gigabytes.  (In theory).  You have to do a little extra whirling
>to get at the values, and it's not completely transparent, but it
>does work.
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Thanks Karl,

I tend to agree with you altough I wouldn't use the same words ofcourse...