Loading and older (16bit) .DLL with Visual FoxPro using FoxTools.FLL

Loading and older (16bit) .DLL with Visual FoxPro using FoxTools.FLL

Post by Phil Seye » Tue, 02 Apr 1996 04:00:00

ATMAPI.DLL is a library from Attachmate Corp. for interfacing
with mainframe computers.  

Im trying to use the ATMAPI.DLL library with Visual FoxPro 3.0  Im
trying to use FOXTOOLS.FLL to call functions in ATMAPI.DLL.  But FoxPro
reports Cannot  load ATMAPI.DLL when I try to register a function.  
I had this working, earlier, under FoxPro for Windows Version 2.6 but
I am not ure I have the same vrsion of ATMAPI, now.

Below is is the code I am using.  Ive marked the place where the error
happens with

* SetUp CODE
* Function Declarations and global variables
set path to y:\EXTRAwin;f:\csa4\fxlan
*************set path to f:\ATMtools;f:\csa4\fxlan  ATMAPI used to be in
ATMtools, I think!!!!

* Set Library to Foxtools.FLL
* sys(2004) gives startup FoxPro Dirctory
set library to sys(2004)+"foxtools.fll" additive

wait "Set FoxPro Library to "+set("LIBRARY")+"--press Enter" WINDOW  
* Function Declarations (We first "register" functions using REGfn

*Initialize variables that hold IDS and passwords
Mid = ""
Mpassword = ""
AdvanPW = ""
Mmem_no  =  ""
MClubCode = ""

**** Here I make sure that ATMAPI is in my path. *****
    WAIT "Did not find ATMAPI.DLL" WINDOW

*=====>  Error happens here:  Cannot load ATMAPI.DLL
hATMAllowUpdates = REGFN ("ATMAllowUpdates", "I", "I", "ATMAPI.DLL")
(other code follows, but I cant get past this, right now.)

****** End of code *******


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