Using Additional UNIX Printers on Ult PLUS

Using Additional UNIX Printers on Ult PLUS

Post by GJJR » Mon, 09 Oct 1995 04:00:00

One of our customers changed printer 0 to run a script that would read the
first line of the print job, which would tell the script which printer to
direct the out to. Just change the lp command in ult_config to the script
and make the dev /dev/null. This will allow you to have as many printers
as UNIX allows.
This is not supported but works ok.

1. ULT Plus to uniVerse

Just try a R83 save from the ULT Plus system, and use the ACCT.RESTORE
program within uniVerse. Compile the BP (or whatever it's called on
your system), and you should not too many problems.  ULTIMATE was
selling uniVerse as ULT/ix for a while.  

You may wish to run the utility "SETUP.ULTIX.B" in APP.PROGS within
uniVerse.  It will setup some additional compatibility with uniVerse
and Ultimate.  I assume (remember what assume stands for) that
the compatibility will be the same for ULTIMATE PLUS as well
as generic ultimate.


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