FPW 2.6 EXE Freezes Windows??

FPW 2.6 EXE Freezes Windows??

Post by Steve Colonn » Thu, 15 Jun 1995 04:00:00

After a few months of effort I have finally distributed my FPW 2.6
application to around 150 clients.  Everything seems to be okay except for 3
of the installations.  What these 3 are experiencing is that as soon as they
double click on the applications icon in the program manager, Windows freezes
and they have to re-boot?

I have never struck this before, and was wondering if any one out in
*space has come across this?

Thinking that they may have a corrupt file or two, I have sent them a new set
of distribution disks, however, the problem persists.

What would be the next move, an examination of their CONFIG.SYS and INI

Any help will be greatfully accepted.



FPW 2.6 EXE Freezes Windows??

Post by Tim Cris » Tue, 20 Jun 1995 04:00:00

I've had a similar problem with 2.6 EXE files freezing Lotus cc:Mail.  It  
doesn't lock the system, but instead bogs the system down for about 8  
minutes (can't toggle between apps or anything) and after the 8 minutes  
cc:Mail continues as if nothing has happened.  The people running the EXE  
have nothing but an icon on their machine that points to the EXE on a  
server.  Our networks are Novell 3.12 server and 4.0 client and  
the problem doesn't happen with Windows NT.  If anyone has any leads, let  
me know; our user support can't figure out the problem, and the Foxpro  
and cc:mail tech support haven't been any help whatsoever.




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