Help with creating databases in P.SQL Workstation.

Help with creating databases in P.SQL Workstation.

Post by Scott Laughto » Sat, 14 Oct 2000 01:35:04

Hi there,

I have just installed Pervasive SQL Workstation and I have a couple of

Q. How to create a database from the PCC (Pervasive Control Center)?

I have read through the docs and found in the "User's Guide" (a pdf file
I d/l after getting the trial d/l) chapter 4 under "Adding
Databases" the following instructions:
(The User's Guide specifies under the "Who Should Read This Manual"
This manual provides information for users who install and run
Pervasive.SQL server, workstation, and workgroup products.)

"Adding Databases

The Pervasive Control Center provides wizards that make adding a new
database and removing an existing database from an engine easy. Newly
created databases are empty and may be populated with tables using the
Table wizard described in Adding Tables on page 4-33.
? To create a database to an engine:
1. Right-click on the Databases (Engine) namespace node under the
machine on which you want to create the database.
2. Select New Database from the shortcut menu.
3. The Create Database Wizard starts with the following dialog box:"

When I right-click on the Databases (Engine) namespace node under the
machine on which you want to create the database,
there is no "New Database" option to select from the shortcut menu.  I
have attached a gif picture of exactly what I get when I
right-click on the Databases (Engine) namespace node under the machine
on which you want to create the database. See the
attached gif file called "rightclick_on_databases_engine.gif".

Q. Likewise, the instructions for Setting Database Security in the same
"User's Guide"

"Setting Database Security

Database security helps prevent intruders from accessing the data on
databases or unintentional damage to data by authorized users. Security
enabled on Pervasive.SQL databases through the Pervasive Control Center.

? To set database security from within the Control Center:
1. Right-click on a database icon in the Control Center namespace.
the Properties menu item.
2. Select the Security tab in the Database properties dialog box."

However again I do not have this option in my shortcut menu. In fact the
same shortcut menu that appeared in the
"rightclick_on_databases_engine.gif" that I have attached appears when I
right-click on a database icon in the Control Center
namespace. What am I doing wrong??

At this stage I need to know how to do the following:

Create a new database.
Create, edit, delete tables to the database.

The PCC does not seem to do what documentation provided implies....

Sorry to trouble you with basic questions that are covered in the
documentation but it's just not happening for me....

Thank you again for your time.

Scott Laughton.

Here is the link to the screen shot.


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We downloaded the P.SQL 2000 Workstation from the Pervasive site. Then, I
instaled it on two workstations (NT). Next, I used the PCC to open a
database that is simply located on drive of a NT server ( I used the ODBC
administrator to do that ). Then I did the same for the second workstation.
When I try to access the same table with for example a simple select
command, the first workstation works fine but the second crashes PCC. It
looks to me like btrieve isn't being able to share access to a given table.
Am I doing something wrong ? does the workstation need special configuration
to do this ?

Any suggestions would be very appreciated, the system we are developing is
supposed to be multiuser and right now only one person can access the
database at a given time.

PS: this also happens if we access the same tables from different
workstations through C++ direct access ( using WBTRV32.DLL ).

Thanks in advance.


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