Is there any public domain ISAM package available?

Is there any public domain ISAM package available?

Post by Prafulla Mish » Sat, 18 Aug 1990 04:25:04

Is there any public domain ISAM package available? Or does anybody
have a simple keyed access package to unix files(one key[type string] is
enough for me) that they want to share? I was planning to do a quick
hack, but it would help if somebody has already done it.  It would
definitely help, if record locking is provided when a record is
retrieved for update.

Prafulla Mishra

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1. looking for GOOD public domain isam/database

I'm sure this has been posted before but I've missed it.
I need a small CHEAP (read free) ISAM/database manager that
can handle at least file and hopefully record locking.  I
need to put it on a bunch of SPARCS in the field and they
don't have much disk or memory.  Any suggestions will
be appreciated.  I'll post if sufficient interest.
Thanks in advance.


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