opinion requested on dBaseIV/FoxBase/Paradox

opinion requested on dBaseIV/FoxBase/Paradox

Post by min-woong so » Thu, 05 Mar 1992 07:28:49

Hi all.

I am planning to buy a data base program for my pc that meets the
following requirements:

1) it must allow more than 200 fields.  The more the better.
2) It must allow easy data conversion to dBase III dbf format.
3) It must have a very easy front for data entry.  dBase IV style
   is acceptable.

I am considering dBase IV, FoxBase, and Paradox.  Which one of these
three would you recommend me given the three simple requirements
mentioned above?  How would you rate these programs?

Anys suggestions, comments, opinions welcome.  Please e-mail me.

Thanks in advance.



opinion requested on dBaseIV/FoxBase/Paradox

Post by Graham Bra » Sat, 07 Mar 1992 08:31:25

On a related question, I recently received a notice from Borland
about dBASE4 V1.5. How does this version compare to V1.1 and the
other competitors. I would prefer to stay within the dBase realm
rather than moving to other platforms like Paradox but would be
interested in finding out whether this version answers the
criticisms that many people have about dBase.

-Graham Brand ( ..!hoptoad!wet!brand )

P.S.  I do not intend to do any high-powered applications
development but would like better performance than dBase3+.