ODBC connection MS Access to Progress 6.3C UNIX

ODBC connection MS Access to Progress 6.3C UNIX

Post by Suman Pali » Thu, 07 Mar 1996 04:00:00


>I am looking for exhaustive instructions to install an ODBC link to a

Progress 6.3C database.

We are trying pretty much the same with Progress 7.3c database and a
VB4.0 front-end on a Windows 3.11 P.C. Currently, both the database and
the client front-end are on the same P.C. We've had problems with the
WIPC connection as well. We get GPFs in Progodbc.dll everytime we try
to connect to the database. So any assistance will be welcome on our
part as well..:-)

Also, According to our local Progress tech rep., no version of
 progress below 7.3B is supposed to be ODBC compliant..!  So you may
have problems with 6.3c.

>Thanks you for any assistance.
>Bruce Martin

Suman Palit
Sherwin-Williams ATC.


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Is there any-one who can help me ?

FDS de Smet B.V.
Edwin Ock

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