Request for Information

Request for Information

Post by Kevin Patt ( » Wed, 02 Sep 1992 14:42:23


   Hope some body can help me out.  I am looking for systems or softwares
that does the following:

   a.   Allow users to specify queries.
   b.   Monitors the queries against a database/real time datafeed.
   c.   If the query is satisfied, it should allow certain programmable
        actions to be taken.
   d.   The info base can be structured or unstructed.

   The above sounds a little bit like dyanbases or text retrieval systems
except that it must constantly monitor the databases.

   The system would preferably runs on unix, but even PC products are of
interest. I appreciate if anyone can provide any pointers. Thanks!

Kevin Patt                                     Information Technology Institute
Associate Member of Technical Staff            Singapore


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The Direct Marketing Association (DMA) is seeking information to
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If you would like to receive a full copy of the Request for Information,
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