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Quote:> I am trying to get the specification/format about dBaseIII data and index
> files.

> If you know, please inform which book/ftp site have that information.

    here are the specs for dBase III+ Databases :


 Header structure

 Offset Bytes           Description

   00    1              Dbase version (int,  + 80h if .DBT file exists)
   01    1              year of last update
   02    1              month of last update
   03    1              day of last update
   04    4              number of data records in file (long int)
   08    2              header structure length (int)
   10    2              data record length (int)
   12   20              version 1.0 reserved data space
   32   32 per field    field descriptors (see below)
         1              0DH, end of field description table (int)


 Field Descriptors :

 Offset Bytes           Description

   00   11              field name string (Null terminated)
   11    1              field type (Char/Num/Logical/Date/Memo)
   12    4              field data address, (long integer, set in memory)
   16    1              field length
   17    1              number of decimal places
   18   14              version 1.00 reserved data area


 Data Records Structure :

 Offset Bytes           Description

   00    1              Delete flag ( "*"/" "  Marked/not Marked for del.)
   01    Rec. Len       Data record (no separator between fields, each
                        field padded to it's max len)

Indexes uses a more complex structure (Binary tree type), and are,though quite
easy to read, not easy to keep updated...

If you are still interrested in it, let me know, I will post something !

Robert Gagne.


1. How to list dbaseIII(not sure if dbaseIII plus) table structure and data

Hi all

I sure hope someone can point me in the correct direction for this one.

I have a collegue that has inherited an "old" system.  It is a dbaseIII
database written
in 1987 accessed by clipper.  He did not specify dbaseIII vs dbaseIII
plus.  When he
boots up the dos,version 5, pc a menu comes up that just lists the
clipper programs to
run reports.  What he needs to do is to get to the command line in dos
    (1) bring up dbaseIII
    (3) use whatever command would write to a flat file all the tables
in the database, their
          columns, and the data in each table

I have indicated to him if he can to view the clipper code because at
some point I am
sure it would show the command to bring up dbaseIII.  He probably could
get an idea
from reading through the code the tables that are accessed as well as
some of the columns
but really needs a true picture of the database.

I have not ever used dbase III and my background is all oracle so this
is not really my
domain.  I am not sure if dbaseIII has a facility like all_tables in
oracle that you could
select from.

If anyone could help me I sure would appreciate.  He is a mid level
manager and databases are not his background.  I searched in for any answers and
could not find anything.

Thank you very much for any help!

Pam Polk... Atlanta GA

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