REQUIEM database...

REQUIEM database...

Post by Lance Ellinghou » Sat, 27 Feb 1993 01:06:40

I have been looking at using the REQUIEM database for a project
I am working on and for internal use.. But have not been able to
get in touch with the authors.. Does anyone know what is happeneing with
the REQUIEM database software?  The author's address was/is:

Thank you,
Lance Ellinghouse


1. Requiem database literature?

I have recently FTP'd the "requiem" database and compilled it,
and its demos certainly work nicely... but there is no literature
with it at all.

There is reference to a real on-paper book that discusses how
to use it, but I don't really want to go out and spend real
money on the book until after I've learned to use it and decided
that I want to keep it.

Does someone have on-line literature on how to use the Requiem
database please?


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