print problem in decision graphs

print problem in decision graphs

Post by Masoud Sepeh » Thu, 24 Jul 2003 16:11:55

Hi ,
I have a problem in Printing decision Graphs and Decision Pivot Tables
( generated by decision Cubes in delphi )
is there any one to help me ?

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I'm having trouble printing a graph using MSgraph and FPW2.6.
I created a graph using the wizards supplied with FPW2.6 and am able

... SAY. Documentation I obtained from Microsoft says I should be able

'set device to printer' command first. When I try to print the graph I
get an 'opening printer' dialogue and the print manager shows the
'file' in the print queue, but nothing is printed. I am able to print
reports etc reliably, so can anyone tell me where I am going wrong

stephen hammond ~:0)

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