essbase outline api

essbase outline api

Post by Tim Tow, CPA MCS » Wed, 17 Feb 1999 04:00:00

>===iRet = EsbOtlQueryMembers(hOutline, hMember, tEsbPredicate, tEsbCounts)
>===iRet = EsbOtlGetMemberInfo(hOutline, ihMember, tEsbMbrInfo)

>No Errors, MemberName is there, but * tEsbMbrInfo.ulChildCount * is Always

Hi Michael,

When you initialize the API, did you specify the Version parameter of the
ESB_INIT_T structure?  If not, Essbase will assume you are using version 4.x
which did not have the child count as part of the member info structure..

Initialize it like this:

    dim tInit as ESB_INIT_T
    tInit.Version = ESB_API_VERSION


>==3rd way - using the ESB_SEARCH??
>tEsbPredicate.ulQuery = ESB_DIMENSION
>tEsbPredicate.ulOptions = ESB_SEARCH (and tried ESB_WILDSEARCH)
>tEsbPredicate.pszString1 = sMemberName
>iRet = EsbOtlQueryMembers(hOutline, hMember, tEsbPredicate, tEsbCounts)

>No Errors, but tEsbCounts.ulReturnCount = 0 (nothing is returned)

It took me some time to figure out exactly how to make this work...   Take a
look at the source code from my "Advanced API Topics" session from the last
Dimensions conference..   There is an example of doing a search in the
source code which is available, for free, in the TechTips section of my

Good Luck!

Applied OLAP, Inc


1. Essbase 'C' Outline API problem

Has anybody come across a problem with the Essbase 'C' Outline API using
the ESS_WILDSEARCH option in EssOtlQueryMembers ?

I am successfully using the ESS_SEARCH option, and as far as I can see the
only differences you need between the two options are to specify
ESS_WILDSEARCH instead of ESS_SEARCH, and then you are able to specify a
partial member name with a wildcard at the end, instead of the full member
name, and it should work fine.

However, although I always get a successful status code returned, it never
returns me any valid handles (I am not using ESS_COUNTONLY, so I would
expect to get something back).

I know for certain that I am getting to the right function in the API
because if I deliberately send it an illegal search string, say with two
asterisks at the end, Essbase will return me an error message saying that I
have supplied an illegal parameter for a wildcard search.

I'm using the v4.1.2 16 bit API.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Andy Dell
DecisionWorks Ltd.

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