Color change in OpenROAD

Color change in OpenROAD

Post by Rajendra Jamadag » Fri, 19 May 1995 04:00:00

Hi netters,

        We have some problem in OpenROAD. We have certain buttons
        with inage, and they have light yellow FG color. After sometime
        you use the screen, minimize and maximize etc, the foreground
        colors for those buttons change, in unpredictable pattern.

        Is there anything wrong we are doing or it is a known bug.

        We have DOS6.22, MSWindows 3.1, OpenROAD 1.0 with patch 3424
        pcnfs5.1a and ingres 6.4/03 on ICL DRS6000,

        any way out for me

 Fujitsu Australia Limited.      All Views expressed are my own.


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