International Workshop on Advanced Research in Geographical Information Systems IGIS'94 (LaTeX)

International Workshop on Advanced Research in Geographical Information Systems IGIS'94 (LaTeX)

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\title{{\Large\bf Announcement and Call for Papers}
       \protect\linebreak \protect\linebreak
       {\Huge\bf IGIS'94}
       \protect\linebreak \protect\linebreak
       {\Large International Workshop on Advanced Research in
       \protect\linebreak Geographic Information
\author{Monte Verit\`{a}, Ascona, Switzerland}

\date{February 28 -- March 4, 1994}
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{\Huge ESPRIT}

The International Workshop on Advanced Research in Geographic Information
Systems IGIS'94
provides a forum to present the state-of-the-art in this rapidly developing
area. The growing importance of geographic information systems
for applications in business and government
has fed on rapid technical progress with respect to hardware,
software, algorithms, and data structures.

{\large\bf Scope}

The ESPRIT project 6881 brings together experts in data bases,
algorithms and data structures, from Athens, Hagen, Paris, Rome,
Vienna and Zurich to
work on ``Algorithms, Models, User, and Service Interfaces for Geography''.
In order to support broader exchanges of research and development results,
IGIS'94 will be opened to a small number of participants
from outside this consortium and so IGIS'94 will provide a unique occasion
to join
researchers and developers of geographic information systems.
There will also be the opportunity to
demonstrate commercial or non-commercial geographic information systems.
Interested participants will be selected on the basis
of their present and future professional involvement in GIS.

{\large\bf Submissions}

Applicants should send a brief biography describing relevant
experience, a current or planned project that involves GIS, and perhaps
a brief abstract of a possible talk by September 15, 1993 to:

  \parbox{5.5cm}{IGIS'94 \\
  Computer Science Department \\
  ETH Zentrum \\
  CH-8092 Zurich, Switzerland} \hfill \mbox{}

{\large\bf Conference Site}

The workshop will talk place at the
Centro Stefano Franscini on Monte Verit\`{a}, the
``Mountain of Truth'' in Ascona, Switzerland.
This beautiful, newly renovated
conference center provides an informal atmosphere for individual
collaboration. It is located on the shore of the Lago Maggiore and is
easily reachable by plane or train.

{\large\bf Proceedings}

Extended abstracts of the presentations will be available at the conference.
Proceedings of this workshop will be published after the conference.

{\large\bf Organizing Committee}

J\"urg Nievergelt, Thomas Roos, Hans-J\"org Schek, and Peter Widmayer.

{\large\bf Dates}
Deadline for submission: \ \ \ \ \ & September 15, 1993 \\
Notification of acceptance: & October 31, 1993 \\
Workshop: & February 28 -- March 4, 1994 \\
Deadline for the final text: & April 30, 1994 \\

{\large\bf Information}

Further informations may be obtained from the chair of the organizing


                    Computer Science Department \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \
                                               & \\
                    ETH Zentrum                 & Tel.:\ \ \ +41 1 254 7404 \\
                    CH-8092 Zurich & \\
                    Switzerland & FAX:\ \ +41 1 262 3973


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