Request for info: Distributed DBMS Design

Request for info: Distributed DBMS Design

Post by Tammie Nels » Thu, 20 Sep 1990 02:29:11

Hi all;

I am looking for current research on distributed database design.  I
am also interested in distributed dbms design tools or algorithms
that anyone may know of.

By "distributed database design", I am referring to the decisions made in
distributing the data among the nodes, i.e. determining strategies for
partitioning and replication.

Suggestions for general or specific sources of information would be
very much appreciated.


Tammie Nelson


1. Looking for info: objected-oriented, distributed, DBMS

I'm looking into the issue of building an object-oriented distributed
database management system (OODDBMS).  It seems to me that no one (at
least in the literature) is talking about using object oriented
techniques in building distributed DBMSs.  Why?  Aren't there advantages
in this approach?  Or is it too hard (DDBMS problems are already hard)?
Or is it too early to do so (there are few centralized object oriented
DBMSs, or DBMSs based on semantic data models, around yet)?  
By "object-oriented" approach, I mean both "object oriented programming"
and "semantic data modeling".

Any comments/references/pointers are welcome.  Direct email to me would be
greatly appreciated.  Thanks in advance.

Xinhua Wu

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