Request for info on Unix Tools for DataBase Analysis/Visualization

Request for info on Unix Tools for DataBase Analysis/Visualization

Post by Janaki Akel » Wed, 03 Dec 1997 04:00:00

I am looking for Unix tools that would help me understand/characterize
and analyze an application such as Data Warehousing with different
databases (RedBrick, Oracle , etc) in terms of:
- a call graph of the procedures sorted by the most commonly accessed
- query level analysis ie execution profile of a query (in CPU,
waiting for memory, waiting for lock, etc)
- detection of hot spots

Perhaps some data visualization tools that capture the access patterns
might help as well. Thank you,



1. info on research into databases + data visualization needed


        I am looking for people performing research into the area
of integrating database system technology into data visualization systems.
This is related to my ScD thesis topic, and I'd like to get a feeling for
the kind of research going on towards this integration. Additionally, I
am planning a workshop on this topic in the near future, and would like
to find some suitable participants in academia AND industry.

Please forward me a brief description of the nature of your research
soon, as I would like to submit the proposal by next week. I will be in
email contact with all those who submit.

Thanks in Advance


JP Lee                 Institute for Visualization and Perception Research      

(508) 934-3384                          1 University Ave. Lowell, MA 01854


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