foundation reads AND VFP

foundation reads AND VFP

Post by Jame » Mon, 17 Jul 1995 04:00:00

I m having probems with F READ not in the menu side but at multiple windows.
Below is the scenarios :

When user click a selection from the menu, it goes to  SCREEN_ONE.SPR

SCREEN_ONE.SPR is made up of 2 screens , one is the SCREEN_ONE.SPR, the other
is a screen containing BUTTONS_ONE.SPR.    BUTTONS_ONE.SPR contain many
buttons to choose from and some buttons point to other screens... so when the
user click the buttons, it goes to another screen called SCREEN_TWO.SPR.

Again SCREEN_TWO.SPR contains 2 screens, one is the SCREEN_TWO.SPR which is
actually a BROWSE windows, the other is a screen containings BUTTONS_TWO.SPR.  
Again BUTTONS_TWO.SPR contains many buttons to choose from and buttons point
to other screens. Assume the user click the button to go back to
SCREEN_ONE.SPR and SWITCH TO AND FRO on the first and second screens, it soon
have F READ problem ...

Another thing i want to find out is whether there are any F READ in VFP and
whether the record locking or page locking is implemented in VFP ???




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        Does anyone know where I can get some serious help on doing foundation reads
and using multiple screen sets?  Also, is there anyway I can tell show gets to
start with a particular read object?


Please e-mail me answer and pointers...tks

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