FPW2.6 - Printing to LaserJets

FPW2.6 - Printing to LaserJets

Post by Scott Rame » Wed, 21 Oct 1998 04:00:00

I have a peculiar problem when printing to many HP printers, the reports
have a dark background (not solid) unless dithering is turned off in the
printer properties.  Generally speaking all the reports use Courier or
Courier New because of spacing requirements.

1. Printing Barcodes on HP LaserJets.

In addition to the need to print Code 39 (3of9) barcode on
4" X 8" Card stock from an RS6000 which is currently being
done using a printronix 300 printer with IGP emulation and
BASIC programs sending the control sequences and data
using PRINT statement.

Can the 2000 sheet input tray on the HPLJ handle the
4" wide by 8" long card stock (40 -60 LB) properly ?

If not, how can these forms be fed into the printer ?
The envelope feeder may work, but may also require
frequent monitoring.

What options are required to print code 39 barcodes on
the laserjet?

What technique is used to print the mix of barcodes and
regular text on the form (an example if possible)

Your input is much appreciated .

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