AD: SB+ Training Video (CD) Series Available!

AD: SB+ Training Video (CD) Series Available!

Post by George Graha » Fri, 27 Aug 1999 04:00:00

ADAPT introduces a new cost effective way to train your SB+ developers!
ADAPT takes it's many years of experience of training and developing
applications using Ardent's SB+ family of products and has developed a
series of training videos now available on multimedia CD format. No special
DVD players required! This format allows you access to video clip training
segments on literally every aspect of developing applications using SB+. And
rather than spend hours rewinding and forwarding video tape, this fully
indexed format allows you direct access to the topics that you need help
with. In addition to the "how-to" approach, each subject also includes a
real life working example, as well as what to beware of and the stumbling
blocks and typical road blocks.Each CD allows you to follow the path of your
choice: Follow the flow of the menu structure as it is found in the
application, or a top to bottom approach to development ("Where do I start
and how do I get there?").

ADAPT presents a set of 6 CDs available:

SB+ Fundamentals
SB+ Systems Adminstration
SB+ Advanced Topics
SB+ Case Studies - Real World Case Studies and Problem Solving
SB+ Hard Core - For the truly advanced - Includes Release Notes and examples
and what to watch for from version to version
SB+ GUI Development

Each CD purchased also includes 30 minutes of "how to" questions and
support. Purchase the entire set and get free upgrades of CDs as SB+ product
upgrades are made available.

"Much better and cheaper than a training class! It's just like having an
instructor sitting there going through the issues with me. And, now I can
use this to train new programmers and others on our staff. What a great
concept!"   James Reyes, Merritt Hawkins & Associates

Please contact us for more information and pricing at (972) 714-4461, or


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