Keystroke recording

Keystroke recording

Post by Bill Brown » Tue, 04 Mar 2003 23:46:36

FPD2.6.  I have a room full of ladies that are doing raw data entry.  They
come up with some really creative ways of getting errors into my system.  Of
course, when I ask 'how did you do that?', nobody remembers anything.

I have an error handler that puts 'display status' and 'display memory' into
memo fields in an error table to help me track down problems.  I would like
to have another memo field with keystrokes to see 'how they got there'.  I
see that a macro can be saved to a memo field, but I can't find any way of
starting the macro recording in programming.

Anybody know of any quick and dirty way of recording, say, 1000 keystrokes?
100?  Anything would help.

Bill Browne
Medical Claims, Taft-Hartley Fund,
& Pension Administration Software


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I'm creating a program that needs to run in the background, but it needs
to be capable of recording all keystrokes.
So is it possible that while the user is for example running MsWord that
I can record all keystrokes?

Thanks in advance,


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