Varchar problem in reloading from unix 6.4 to NT OI 2.0

Varchar problem in reloading from unix 6.4 to NT OI 2.0

Post by A.van.Kesse » Wed, 31 Dec 1997 04:00:00

I guess the "default" format for the copy table statement as produced
by the unloaddb pgm has been altered to accomodate for "long vchars" to be
From memory, the unloaddb uses a fixed-length 5 character length prefix,
followed by the (variable length) actual data. For long vchars you'll need more
than 5 chars for the length.
You can easily test this hypothesis by unloding on OI2.0 and comparing.

Happy hacking,
Adriaan van Kessel.
Ingres DBA, C/Unix hacker

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