DA/DBA Newsletter Announcement

DA/DBA Newsletter Announcement

Post by Robert S. Seine » Thu, 12 Nov 1998 04:00:00

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

Issue 7.0 of The Data Administration Newsletter (TDAN) -
http://www.tdan.com - will be announced on December 1,  1998.  The new issue
will contain a dozen or more new articles on important topics of the day
including Enterprise Data Architecture, UML, Data Modeling, Meta Data
Management, Customer Centric Databases and a whole lot more.  Please be
looking for the announcement that will come at the end of the month.

The newsletter is available on-line at no charge.  Please take the time to
register on-line if you haven't already.

FYI, Several sections of the newsletter have been updated since the last
announcement.  Book reviews have been  added with more to come in the
December issue.  Several events have been posted in the Organization Update
section including a DAMA Object Symposium in New York City next week and a
DAMA conference in San Francisco in early December.  Several new questions
and answers have been posted to the Reader's Corner.  Stop back to these
sections often to learn of new books, new events, and new questions and

The deadline to submit articles for TDAN 8.0 (March 1999) is February 1,
1999.  The deadline for TDAN 9.0 (June 1999) is May 1, 1999, and so on.
Please consider writing an article or submitting an existing article or
paper for publication in 1999.

TDAN continues to evolve as an unbiased source of information for business
professionals responsible for managing data as a valued corporate asset.
Thank you very much for your continued support of The Data Administration
Newsletter.  As always, if you have comments, suggestions, articles, or
other content that you consider valuable for other data-related
professionals, please share them with me.  I hope to hear from you.

Best Regards.
Bob Seiner

Robert S. Seiner
Publisher - The Data Administration Newsletter (TDAN)

Senior Consultant - Spectrum Technology Group, Inc.