Open Arch Ver 2.0 program files

Open Arch Ver 2.0 program files

Post by Cliff Rayma » Mon, 27 Jul 1998 04:00:00

I am doing a job on a system running Open Architecture Version 2.0.  For
cost reasons, I am doing it over the phone without a manual, so there is
no FMTR :-)

I have two questions for you OA gurus out there, or mortals with a
manual handy.

Is there a special file/account called SYSFILES.  I see some references
to it in the system, but I cannot find or LOGTO it.  This may be just
some remnant from a previous system, but I need to know for sure.

I cannot seem to list the object code on the system.  I tried LISTDICT
on the files for which I found source code, the MD references the file,
and the referenced program runs properly, but LISTDICT shows nothing but
the pointer to the data file and the 1 RECORD LISTED message.  Is there
a special verb for listing the code.  I do not need to list the actual
object per se, but I expect to see the names, the dates compiled, and
perhaps the number of frames that they occupy.



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Every suggestion is welcome,

Robert van Hoornaar

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