Best Of Independent Music

Best Of Independent Music

Post by Ralph P. Lindne » Sun, 31 Aug 1997 04:00:00

Hi Everybody,

I'm working on a big project: an MS Access database, over 2,250 records
of the best Independent vinyl, all titles, all covers (!!!), labels,
musicians, addresses & more. It's an encyclopaedia and it's called
RECORDS 1.0, Best Of Independent Music.

Following styles are covered: Guitar Rock, Noise Rock, Grunge, Sixties,
Neo-Sixties, Psychobilly, Folk, Ska, and of cause Punk and more.

For details, please visit my Homepage. You can download a test version
with 500 records & a few covers. On my site you'll have charts, music
news, cool Independent links and more.

Hope to CU


Besuchen Sie/Visit Lindi's Homepage:
"Best Of Independent Music"
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1. Best Of Independent Music

Hi Everybody,

I'm working on a big project: an MS Access database for Independent
records as a dictionary. Near 2,200 records, all titles, all covers &
more. For details please see my Homepage.

Version Light without covers is finished, the version Heavy incl. all
covers needs still a little time because I still have to scan a few
100's of covers. Maybe in summer...

CU Ralph
***Besuchen Sie/Visit Lindi's Homepage:***
*******"Best Of  Independent Music"*******
*Es lohnt sich!  Satisfaction guaranteed!*

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